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COPI offers a Christian-based tutoring program designed to bring your child to grade level standards or above at an affordable price. COPI Tutoring services are supervised by State Credentialed teachers and principals who have years of classroom and academic experience. We specialize in reading, writing, and math. Your child will go through a one-time assessment ($20) with a credentialed teacher who will then go over a success plan with you. At that time you may take advantage of one of our affordable plans.

If your elementary school aged child is above 3rd grade, you can schedule a one-time assessment with a credentialed teacher and we will discuss if our tutoring program will be beneficial for your child.

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Coming January 2023

COPI Church’s private Christian School will be open in January 2023. We are excited to provide affordable Christian education for children in our community very soon! We will start with grades kindergarten through third. If you have a child or know someone who does, click on the link to fill out our short survey and sign up for updates!

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