L.I.F.E. Transition Internship

(Living In Fellowship Everyday)

A Christian Ministry Internship


L.I.F.E. Transition Internship provided by Covenant of Peace International offers hope to those struggling with issues in life. In the United States, we are currently experiencing drug use as never before. With the legalization of gateway drugs, many are finding themselves living in addictive cycles. Add to this the availability of alcohol, tobacco, mental illness, homelessness, pornography, loss of hope, and coping skills, many find themselves needing help.

During the 2019 calendar year, many leaders in California, including the California Department of Corrections, set out to devise plans to deal with those who have been affected. This includes those who are currently incarcerated and those who have been placed on parole.

At COPI L.I.F.E. Transition Internship, we help those who are struggling with issues in life. Our internship is incentive based (moving the individual one step at a time into a positive, productive and addictive free, healthy, independent and employable lifestyle) and is personalized to each individual desiring help. We accomplish this in a Christian environment taking seriously all aspects of the recovery process. This involves the whole person—spirit, soul, and body.

Solving life issues can be very complex, but COPI’s Internship continually works toward changing lives in a one-on-one approach. COPI operates a residential home for those that desire a live-in 24 hour environment. We also work with those who maintain their own living quarters outside of our residential home, while becoming part of our internship.

This ministry is operated as an outreach ministry of Covenant of Peace International located at 345 W. Tulare Ave in Visalia. We welcome financial support to help keep this ministry functioning.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (559) 330-2204 or click here to email us.

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