A Christian Ministry Internship

L.I.F.E. ( Living in Fellowship Everyday ) Transition Internship provided by Covenant of Peace International offers hope to those struggling with issues in life. In the United States, we are currently experiencing drug use as never before.

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COPI Christian School

  • Affordable Christian School
  • Lead by experienced and credentialed teachers and principals
  • Focus on Christian values
  • Educating and not indoctrinating
  • Respect and focused on the family structure

The Bridge to Life Teen Home

  • Helping The Bridge to Life Teen Homes fulfill their purpose
  • Active participant in building their vision
  • Focused on kids caught in the foster care system
  • Counseling, guidance, and mentoring to bridge the gap from hurts and abandonment to success

COPI Recovery

  • One-on-one involvement with those who are bound in addictions
  • Live-in facility to help those transition from a life of addiction to total freedom
  • Assisting, counseling, and encouraging with mentorship of those who achieve freedom from addiction
  • Building a solid biblical foundation in those who walk through this transformation

World Missions

  • Transforming communities around the world
  • Building and operating a clinic in Kenya, East Africa
  • Building churches, equipping leadership, and partnering with works in India, the Philippines, Myanmar (Burma), Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Cambodia, and five countries in Africa